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Neighborhood Bully

So the Art LA blog had a link to the OC art blog who had a link to a Raid Projects protest site.

The guy who runs Raid Projects, Max Presneill, has owed me almost a thousand dollars for over two years, so sure enough, this site reveals how he is raking in the dough by basically renting crammed and cramped quarters to visiting artists.

I am his neighbor and try to avoid, say, exposing all of the miserable artists who feel betrayed by his residency program, just to keep the neighborhood peace, but here is this site saying that RAID Projects is NOT a non-profit gallery, that it is Max's business.

SO... sure enough, tonight at the Brewery Art Association Board meeting, there is a letter to the board asking if our Non-Profit Association (a real Los Angeles based one, recognized by the State of California) would be the fiscal receiver for Raid Projects, should Max Presneill get a grant that requires non-profit status as a term of eligibility. So after years of implying that he was a non-profit, he signs a letter saying that he has never been one, two days after a website reveals this fact.

Needless to say, the Brewery Art Association Board of Directors voted unanimously to reject his proposal.

I wonder if any Not-for-Profits would take the risk of working with this semi-nefarious operator?
His letter offered us ten percent of any grant - but then our treasurer noted that the law insists that fiscal receivers are entitled to a minimum of 15% and can negotiate for more.
Again - is RAID forgivably flaky or concentrating on conning?
The responsibility of the Non Profit Association to see that the grant is legitimately spent would sway most responsible people away from associating with his proposal.
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