mat (coagula) wrote,


I just wrote this in a discussion FaceBook and wanted it to exist somewhere else:

Academia once had a stranglehold on information. As that broke down (because of the net primarily), the myths that professors helped you out were propped up (they don't, you are their future competition, they might even sabotage you) as was the "peer networking fallacy" (your colleagues will stab you in the back the first chance they get once they realize they can never thoroughly use you to get ahead of you and all your professors). Without a monopoly on access to information and with nothing special about the people you will meet, most colleges are scrambling to add professional practice courses to balance what pretty much always was a two year groupthink summer camp est program with pretend smarty pants seriousness. The only way to get ahead in the creative fields is to burnish your talent and be mentored by those who know which truths are myths, which myths are bullshit and which unspoken truth can be whispered to the deserving instead of sold to the trustafarians.
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