mat (coagula) wrote,

Damien Hirst, THIEF?

Over the years, a lot of artists have contacted me and my magazine with a claim that their work has been poached by other artists.

Comparing two works of art by different artists is often difficult to tell, and the eccentric personalities of artists usually make me shy away from reporting on these stories, as they are fraught with personal feelings and conflicting dates, intentions, etc.; plus there is always that endless need for validation and recognition along with the occasional palpable desire for revenge that is never going to be satiated in the lifetime of the average artist.

But look AT THIS or EVEN THIS from THIS WEBSITE of L.A. artist Lori Precious...

and compare them to the new work by Damien Hirst
(or more properly credited to Hirst's assembly line of studio assistants)
to be show at Gagosian Galelry in Beverly Hills on thursday:
L I N K -to- P I C.

Looks pretty bad to me, as Precious has shown around widely for years, especially at art fairs where the whole idea could be picked up and re-purposed... on puropose!

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