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My New Year's Dessert blogging has already skipped a bit, but it is not because I have been skipping dessert, oh hell no.

The main reason I have not been blogging is that most of my desserts this year have been ice cream at home after dinner. Even when we have dined out I have opted for ice cream at home. Lemon Sorbet. Coconut. That has been about it. The two desserts I had at restaurants last week were as followed:

Melted Belgian Chocolate. This is a hot chocolate drink served at SYRUP downtown. They heat up a chocolate bar until it melts and make a beverage around it. Thick, rich, hot, bittersweet... it tastes like something that Louis XIV would have his royal kitchen make for you as an honored guest, and there it was in a to-go cup on the way back to the office. But it made the 7 Street crackheads and trannies seem like the King's court on a cold, cold evening.

Now for a lousy story. At Cole's I ordered my dip sandwich WITHOUT BREAD. They have a whole way of doing it gluten free there and it was great, truly a delicious bowl of meat (i ordered the pork), hot beef juice, garlic fries with stinging tang and seriously one of the best pickle slices i have ever tasted. Best of all, they made me feel totally okay about being gluten free in a restaurant whose whole purpose is to soak bread. So we were on a roll and I saw that they had blackberry pie. I explained to the waitress that I eat around the crust and she said that would not be too difficult. Well, she was right. it was not too difficult. The problem is there is literally (and I measured this) one heaping tablespoon of blackberry-laden filling in Cole's Blackberry Pie. There is a thick bread crust, a thick back side and a crust topping so thick that when I broke it off it looked like two medium scones on my plate. So five bucks for a tablespoon of blackberry jelly. Ehhhh...
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