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Astrology of the 2016 Presidential Election

I predict that Hillary Clinton will win the 2016 Presidential Election. Sure I can base this prediction on common sense and what I WANT to happen, but HOPE is the #2 enemy of the objective forecaster (#1 is "worry").

So I wanted to objectively look at the situation thru the astrological birth charts of her and Donald Trump and adding the planetary transits for election day.

I waited to cast the the charts until Hillary was nominated, specifically because of so much tension in her chart up to that point. With the many scandals facing her, the outcome that she would be the nominee was not guaranteed - and her chart reflected all of this.

Meanwhile the ceaseless attacks on the character and competence of Donald Trump made me hold off even looking his natal chart up. But he was handed the nomination through a populist uprising and the complete acquiescence by his party's establishment.

A month prior to her nomination, it was looking like her email evasion might affect Hillary. Mars was retrograde at the time and it was forming a tense square with her natal Saturn/Mars/Pluto stellium. But that has now passed and she pretty much sailed to her coronation, notwithstanding the muffled Bernie Sanders supporters, loyal to their candidate when even he himself had capitulated.

Hillary Clinton is less than a year and a half younger than Donald Trump. They have the three outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) in the same signs (Gemini, Libra, Leo respectively) although at degrees far enough apart that planetary transits to these placements happen at different times for them.

The location of the planets on election day (November 8, 2016) are as follows:
Sun & Mercury in Scorpio, Venus & Saturn in Sagittarius, Mars & Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces; When the polls open on election day, the Moon will be in Aquarius (Sign of "We The People") but by the time the polls close it will be in Pisces (Zodiac sign of foregone belief).

So what does this all mean?

Where the planets are today affect us all based on where the planets were on the day we were born (look, you either buy this or you don't, but it is the basis of astrology, the closest thing to a "how it works" model, perfected by Isaac Newton. Not good enough for you? Well then... kiss off.). On election day, these planets will be in a much more tense relationship with Donald Trump's chart than with Hillary Clinton's chart. That alone will sway the outcome.

Hillary Clinton was born a Scorpio, just after sunrise (making her a Scorpio rising). Her Moon is in Pisces. What does this mean? Well people who care for Hillary would say this is a resolute personality that cares about service. Those disinclined to like her would see a stubborn bamboozler. Each planet and sign has a range of personality traits that manifest with continued action - the actions we take reinforce the subtle nuances of planetary energy until they are ingrained behavioral traits in each personality.

Donald Trump was born a Gemini under an eclipsed Full Moon in Sagittarius with the very last degree of Leo on the horizon ("Rising"). Gemini has no problem leaving behind yesterday's loyalties as it might suit their aims. People who are attracted to a Gemini see what they want to see. A Leo Rising gives an aura of natural leadership. People either blindly follow a Leo or they are repulsed by the pretense of an unearned station at the head of the parade. A Moon in Sagittarius makes one an adventurous risk taker. People either admire the bold forays into uncharted territory or they are aghast at the recklessness of such a move.

On election day, the transiting planet that has the most intense affect on both Donald & Hillary's chart is Saturn. This is the perimeter planet, the last visible body in our solar system, the ruler of karma, destiny, and inevitability. On election day, Saturn is moving forward at 15 degrees Sagittarius. It affect each candidate differently.

In Trump's chart this puts the zodiac taskmaster in opposition to the natal locations of Uranus and the Sun in Gemini. When Watergate was happening, Saturn was in Cancer, opposing Richard Nixon's Capricorn Sun. A Saturn opposition to one's Sun is a reality check. It is like the tax collector - inescapable. Saturn opposing one's Sun denies the subject all but what has been earned. There is a ruthless whittling away of every hope one has until all that is left is what one deserves. The bottom line is that Trump is not a disciplined enough candidate to have earned a victory. Had he been a politician all his life, this aspect could be seen as confirmation of what he had earned. But in trying to parlay his enormous fame as a businessman and a celebrity into the winner-take-all stakes of a presidential election, his lack of commitment and preparation will do him in.

Even more intensely than just the opposition to his Sun, Trump was born just as a total lunar eclipse was forming. Saturn moving into an opposition with his Sun means that Saturn is moving towards a conjunction with his Moon. When Saturn closes in on the Moon in one's chart, a low-energy point of reflection is at hand. With Saturn closing in on Trump's Moon, sadness at lost opportunity will join the blow to the ego (Saturn opposing his Sun). Additionally, Saturn's opposition to the planet Uranus will weaken Trump's ability to control the public message. Assuming an already unsympathetic media cannot possibly give him more free air time, it can be predicted here that world events in the coming months will play out to lessen the impact of his campaign themes.

Meanwhile, Saturn will be Hillary Clinton's best friend on election night. It was not always so. When she ran against Barack Obama, she declared her candidacy in January of 2007, Saturn was in Leo, the place it was at the day she was born. When Saturn returns to its natal position in your chart, it is not time for bold action, it is not time to take on elaborate new projects. Saturn held back Hillary, her flat-footed, bloated campaign staff were no match for the grassroots charisma of Barack Obama.

But on election night 2016, Saturn will be in harmony with Hillary's powerful Mars/Pluto conjunction. Mars is the planet of action and Pluto is the planet of deep-seated power. Like her Saturn, they are both in Leo in Hillary's chart. In 2007, her action to attain power was being held down. Now Saturn is in Sagittarius, harmonizing with her Leo planets. What her opponents call the ease with which she was "coronated" the nominee looks as astrologically inevitable too.

Wait just a minute... what about absentee ballots? These are cast weeks ahead of time. Yes, they are. I would argue that the slow march of Saturn toward the point of Donald's natal eclipse as well as toward harmony with Hillary's power-hoarding Mars/Pluto conjunction accounts for the trickling in of absentee ballots being cast.

Hillary Clinton will triumph on November 8th in an almost anticlimactic cascade of inevitability considering the chaos of this upended presidential race. Donald Trump will classlessly self-destruct as he sees the writing on the wall, minimizing any possible role he could play on the national stage moving forward.

I predicted Bush over Gore, so there is not some "liberal bias" here, I'm just looking objectively at planetary locations and the patterns they create. Did it seem like she was going to cakewalk and this forecast was "obvious? Well, I calculated this reading on July 27/28, 2016 when Trump had a 7.3% lead in the polls according to the L.A. Times (see screen shot below) so the risk is to my reputation (more so than the risk of outing myself as a "seer' might possibly be).

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HILLARY CLINTON NATAL CHART (inner wheel) WITH NOVEMBER 8, 2016 PLANETARY LOCATIONS (outer wheel) screenshotted from astrodienst, the only astrology website that matters (unpaid endorsement).

DONALD TRUMP NATAL CHART (inner wheel) WITH NOVEMBER 8, 2016 PLANETARY LOCATIONS (outer wheel) screenshotted from astrodienst, the only astrology website that matters (unpaid endorsement).

SCREENSHOT of L.A. Times polling on July 27 showing Trump with a 7.3% lead over Hillary Clinton.
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