mat (coagula) wrote,

Jack In The Box Tacos

So the Wall Street Journal had a salute to Jack In The Box's tacos today and it brought back a flood of memories of bygone days when I didn't give a fucking thought to tomorrow... aka, my mis-spent youth.

The fact is they are two for ninety-nine-cents. there is no better deal on Earth. A buck and seven or eight cents change and you got dinner and it tastest great. I drank. Pretty heavy. Every penny went to the booze. All day. Every day. All I ate was those tacos and donuts n the moning, usually the cheaper day old donuts. Where I lived nobody liked the jelly-filled ones, so those became my 25-cent breakfast the next day (probably three days later, really).

Most of everything else Jack In The Box sells sucks. They buy tons of advertising on sporting events and push a monthly ceative special. I tried a few of those over the years. There was one, a chicken sndwich with a mushroom sauce on it, I loved those, but ofr the most part they serve lousy food.

Well the years went on, I got sober, then more years went on and I ate better, stopped eating wheat and one day, starving, at a stadium for a sporitng event, there was a Jack In The box and they had the tacos. Guess what... they could not assure me they were gluten free but the woman at the counter then leaned over and whispered "They're gluten-free". A revelation. I ate five of them at $2.49 apiece and still spent less than anyone in that crowd of 38,000.

So tempted to go buy a pair now just for the hell of it.
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